The Beauty Shop

27.7.2014 ‘The Beauty Shop’ Up State, Zürich, Switzerland

Leonia Brenner+Dania Michel, Boris de Beijer, ACA CIRCULATION, Louisa Gagliardi, Selina Grüter+Michèle Graf, iselinki, Maurice Joss, Killian Loddo, Mathias Ringgenberg, Sophie Rogg, Katarzyna Szugajew, Daniel Vom Keller, YC iselinki, Malin Therese Wik, Julian Zigerli (+ Katharina Grosse)

The Beauty Shop is separated from the outside world through a thin opaque plastic posing as curtain, floating softly with each opening of the door of the former garage.
Behind the curtain the shopper is welcomed by two silent hostesses, small mirrors, one next to the other – the other – masking their faces into a reflection of their surrounding, there legs elongated through 10 inch heels. The first hostess gracefully kneels down, wrapping the shoppers shoes in rainbow-shiny see-through plastic foil, closing it around the ankles with a pink gift ribbon. The second hostess washes the hands, creams them, while massaging them softly. After this careful treatment of care and treatment the shopper is invited to strive around The Beauty Shop, looking at the carefully presented works of art.

Shop design, product placement, the psychology of marketing as consciously introduced strategies to show works of young artists in the context of an exhibition posing as a Beauty Shop, whereas several mirror surfaces, placed under and around the works, mirroring the visitors gaze, themselves as well as different layers of spacial conditions and understanding, as an hommage to Rainer Werner Fassbinder's movie 'Die Welt am Draht'.