The Touch of Your Skin

Intervention 01,
DisOrder @ RaumØStation, Zurich, 2016

The first Intervention of DisOrder Group is introducing the bed, a bed of skin – our common vice, our common save heaven – to the space we will inhabit – together – for the following weeks; this space we inhabit, that we slowly grow into a visual dialoge around anomalies and dreams.

In situation of anxiety or ill-being we tend to take refuge in our room, our bed, our safe space. Although in doing so, we isolate ourself from the outside world, hiding under the bed sheets. In a longer term, the safe space becomes a trick, a tight hug, that doesn’t let you move on and help yourself. We wake up, but don’t get up for days. Sometimes we don’t even sleep. Our bodies start hurting from lying. We change our positions, but we can’t leave. Till the wave of emotion deserts our body, the negative thoughts tone down, we just lie by ourselves, waiting.

Adrian Huber, Melanie Akeret, Mohamed Almusibli and Yael Wicki