dis- order

Research Project, since 2017

1 Dis- is a prefix that produces a related word or an inflectional form of a word, trough a turning point, a turning around of meaning, indicating, either reversal, negation, removal or release, sometimes through expressive intensive force.

2 Order is an Entity, a separate, self-contained existence, a being, being in existence, an organization of a plural of elements, with an identity separate of it’s members, with a life and drive of its own in an objective or conceptual reality.

Order is a Concept of freedom from confused or unruly behaviour, conceived in the mind through thought and notion, generalized from particular instances, a taxonomy of a predetermined scheme, according to quality, value, or natural characteristics.

Order is a State, a condition of being, of mind or temperament, characterized by definite quantities, as well as a rank.

Order is a Quality, an essential, distinguishing characteristic of nature. It is either an inherent feature or degree of excellence trough an acquired skill or a logical proposition of gathering and arranging in preparation for a particular operation or effective use, by setting in sequence, relationship, or adjustment, imposing an orderly procedure rather than a fixed scheme in order to eliminate confusion.

[Both definitions 1 and 2 are condensed and edited versions of the dictionary entries by Merriam-Webster online]

dis- order project

The dis- order project functions as on- and offline locus for a continuous transdisciplinary reflection on the question ‚what is dis- order?’ in order to analyse and review contemporary structures of politics and our society with the medium and language of digital and virtual tools.

The interlocutors and guests of the dis- order project are invited to re-read the spaces and systems they part-take (also the dis- order project), rescanning histories, workings and rules from a local towards a global understanding through the question ‘what is dis- order?’.

As we pose this question continuously we reach into a complexity of positions, experiences and perceptions, while untangling truth in the multitude of viewpoints to take on and think through, trying to break from the constant feedback loop of sameness searching for sameness and reassurance, while looking for the unknown, the other, the out of sight, the invisible, the in-between, the imbalance, the dis- in order.

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