Constructive Alienation

ongoing collaboration with different interlocutors

Violence, Up State, Zürich, Switzerland, 2012 – 2014

Part 1: Radical Honesty

The formation of a new logic includes the emotional perspective, not as a leading one, but as an informative one, to be understood and analysed.

Emotion seen with the eyes of radical honesty gives us (in parts) another, but equal valuable perspective of truth / reading of our environment and it’s effects on us. The information it communicates to us might differ to that of the rational perception. And as with rational thoughts, not every emotion is to be followed and acted upon, but to be analysed, processed and worked through carefully and thoughtfully to formulate and construct a more complex understanding of our world.

If the reproduction of social reality (ideology) is always constituted by a recursive interplay between space and its “vocabulary” of uses, it is our pressing labor to construct a foreign tongue to articulate desired estrangement.

Patricia Reed, Assemblies for Alienation, 2014