Capitalist Simulacrum

Feeling Blue, Seeing Grey, HEAD, Geneva, Switzerland, 2018

Violence, Up State, Zürich, Switzerland, 2013

The point of departure to which the capitalist simulacrum is added as a print of words and images, is that we are, the way we are born, insufficient and inadequate, unsatisfactory and must be enhanced to reach our full potential and value – to be recognisable and come to "exist".

But why do the names that the subject is called appear to instill the fear of death and the question of whether or not one will survive? Why should a merely linguistic address produce such a response of fear? Is it not, in part, because the contemporary address recalls and reenacts the formative ones that gave and give existence? Thus, to be addressed is not merely to be recognized for what one already is, but to have the very term conferred by which the recognition of existence becomes possible. One comes to "exist" by virtue of this fundamental dependency on the address of the Other. One "exists" not only by virtue of being recognized, but, in a prior sense, by being recognizable. The terms that facilitate recognition are themselves conventional, the effects and instruments of a social ritual that decide, often through exclusion and violence, the linguistic conditions of survivable subjects.

Judith Butler, On Linguistic Vulnerability