The Political Geography of the Mash

Performance, 20 minutes, in English

Dinner event with performances
by Plain Hearty Fare #MASH UP
Kottbusser Damm, Berlin, Germany
17 April 2017

Illustration of the performance The Political Geography of the Mash, curtesy of Plain Hearty Fare
Text The Political Geography of the Mash
An eclectic performative text was created, inspired by the 3-coloured mashed potatoes of the dinner event Plain Hearty Fare #MASH UP, the handed out individual looking spoons to participate in the meal, by the Christian flag dance performance of that evening and Benjamin Bratton's recently published book 'The Stack’.
While the 3-colored potato mash get’s eaten by the dinner guests and it’s color borders mix and dissolve more and more with each spoon of eaten mash, i’m mashing together text fragments of Bratton's 'The Stack' about Nationalism and Sovereignty and existing Wikipedia articles on spoons, flags, mixing what’s happening at the dinner party, adding some spicy to the mashed knowledge and non-knowledge, to be digested slowly.

The fragments of what is happening at this dinner, are being related to each other, like Dadaist ready-mades, while their connections are carefully combined into a geo-political cartography of the mashed potato - in a mix of seriousness and comedy.