Sculptures from terra cotta and found materials, presented on a velvet pillow

Residence project at Raum Station, Zurich by Yael Wicki in collaboration with the Norwegian artist iselinki.

group exhibition
Locale Due, Bologna, Italy
curated by Mohamed AlMusibli for the Preliminary Group

closing exhibition
DisOrder Group
Raum Station, Zurich

Emotionallytoy© at Venusia, Locale Due, Bologna, Italy
Emotionallytoy© photo by James Batone
Which movements and materials can stimulate emotions?

Emotionallytoy© is a sculptural research in the perception of emotions through affect. In the Summer Residency of Raum Station, Yael Wicki and iselinki have created toys for the exhibition Venusia – which is based on the erotic fair Venusia in terms of both name and content – in order to evoke emotions through conscious stimulation of the human skin.
The research has produced various poetic toys made of shaped terra cotta in combination with found material, which are to be experimented with for the purpose of stimulating emotions.

The research is based on the texts* Feeling, Emotion, Affect and The Autonomy of Affect, that were studied in the Reading Group of the Summer Residency at Raum Station.

* Eric Shouse,”Feeling, Emotion, Affect,” in: M/C Journal 8.6, 2005 and Brian Massumi,“The Autonomy of Affect,” in: Cultural Critique No. 31, The Politics of Systems and Environments, Part II, Autumn, 1995, pp. 83-109.