DisOrder Group – Interventions

Curatorial Project
consisting of artistic and curatorial research in the form of seven interventions organized by DisOrder Group.

The DisOrder Group was a collective collaboration of artists and curators who lived and worked between Zurich and Geneva and consisted of members Adrian Huber, Melanie Akeret, Mohamed Almusibli and Yael Wicki.

Summer Residency
RaumØStation, Zürich
3.8.– 18.9.2016

The residence of the DisOrder Group was supported by Pro Mente Sana.

25.08.16, Intervention 4: 'Laughing - Crying: The Tearcatchers' by Emma Ines Panza & Carina Erdmann, Workshop with a professional mourner
11.08.16, Intervention 2: 'The White Sorrow' by Iselinki and 'The Young Girl Reading Group as Phenomenon' by Dorota Gaweda & Egle Kulbokaite
18.08.16, Intervention 3: 'Youth Melancholie' with Pullman Rose und 'Call me no less than the living (chronic pain expansion)', Samuel Koch
17.09.16 Intervention 7: 'Aspects of Disorder', Talks, Workshops and Performances with health experts and local artists.
The aim of the DisOrder Group was to collaboratively deal with various aspects of mental health and the function of emotions through the juxtaposition of theoretical and artistic works. To this end, seven interventions with national and international guests, consisting of artists and experts from the health sector, were curated by Mohamed Almusibli and Yael Wicki.

The invited artists were (in the order of the interventions):
Aziadé Cirlini, Iselinki, The Young Girl Reading Group, Samuel Koch, Pullman Rose, Emma Ines Panza & Carina Erdmann, Ian Wooldridge with Nicola Kazimir, Leda Bourgogne, Adrian Manuel Huber, Costanza Candeloro, Nils Amadeus Lange, Marc Hunziker, Tim Eimecke.

And as experts: Sara Schaffner, psychology student and school teacher for special aid kids / Uwe Bening, Psychologist, Recovery specialist at the Pro Mente Sana Foundation / Bianca King, Psychotherapist and MBSR therapist.