Dead Reckoning

Installation made from demolition waste from the Eberhard company, 2 screen printing works, a Swarovski globe and a 1000-page concept book about reading pictures, and a exhibition text as a work in itself.

Solo Exhibition,
Off-Space Mikro, Zurich
14.09.2017 - 28.09.2017

Dead Reckoning at Mikro, Zürich, 2017
Exhibition View of Dead Reckoning at Mikro, Zürich, 2017
GIF from the locomotion walking through Dead Reckoning
Text Based Work Dead Reckoning As A Methodology Of Emancipation Through Navigation In Times Of Struggle
Exhibition View of Dead Reckoning at Mikro, Zürich, 2017
The print work System Failure (1/2) at Dead Reckoning Mikro, Zürich, 2017
The print work The End of Magic (2/2) at Dead Reckoning Mikro, Zürich, 2017
Exhibition View of Dead Reckoning at Mikro, Zürich, 2017
The exhibition Dead Reckoning is based on the following thought:
If a system error occurs and the norm of the system breaks, new ways of orientation and navigation must be tested and found to reach the same goals implemented in this system. The demolition waste symbolizes this moment of the collapse of such a system - be it of a house, of health or of a social or political system.
Locomotion in the freshly collapsed system is a form of dead reckoning. In shipping, the term 'dead reckoning' is composed of the estimation of a position, the distance travelled and the estimated current - without the help of star constellations.
When a system collapses, the various remaining variables have to be estimated in the same way in order to determine a possible locomotion, whereby these estimates have to be readjusted from moment to moment.
The construction waste in the space of the Micro Off-Space simulates this movement: in order to be able to access the various works, the visitors must consciously deal with each step, estimate how the stones lie in front of them, which of them move, and how much weight they can put into their step.

The print work System Failure (1/2) is the symbolisation of the moment in which the body's stress level rises so high that the colours (and all other senses) intensify, create a feeling of dizziness and the ground seems to waver under the feet. In order to be able to move forward, it is necessary to concentrate only on this act in itself. This state can release incredible forces to cope with the perceived stress. One's own gaze becomes tunnel-like and focuses only on the essentials in the 'here and now'.

In the context of the exhibition Dead Reckoning, this work in the entrance of the exhibition intensifies the feeling of instability for the visitor when entering the room filled with construction waste.
The second print work The End of Magic (2/2) symbolizes the moment when the body's own stress is brought down after a shock (in contrast to System Failure (1/2)) and peace and relief returns superficially. From the intense sensory experience the body regulates itself after an overwhelming demand to the extreme weakening of oneself - The End of Magic - mostly followed by sadness or a depressive mood, due to the hormonal change in the body.
The prints are based on a colour abstraction (divided into three colours) of a movement in the water. The choice of colours is based on a long-term study during my BA in Amsterdam, which dealt with how different colours react to each other in combination.