Communal Interoception

Ongoing Research, since 2016

Plateaux Festival

The Who of Things.
An Evening of Technoshamanism
@ UP STATE, Up State, Zurich, 2016

Snapshot of Communal Interoception at The Who of Things. An Evening of Technoshamanism, UP STATE, Zürich, 2016
Installation View for Communal Interoception for Plateaux Festival at Hof Froh Ussicht, Samstagern, 2019
The research into Communal Interoception deals with the question how awarness exercises, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), meditation and group therapy exercises within a group setting can help create new experiences towards a better and more diverse social understanding of oneself and the other.
This form of creating knowledge within a group setting, based on a multitude of individual perceptions of the same guided exercise that are being shared within the group afterwards, I call the knowledge of Communal Interoception.
The urgency of this exercises I see, as such exercises can bring about a better understanding of oneself and others by establishing new communication paths. And that is especially vital in a time, where an emphasis is being put on differences between oneself and the other withing social communities.

Communal Interoception is researching how we perceive ourselves and others through guided group exercises, by asking what perceptions we share and what perceptions we don't share while initiating communication within that group setting - as we learn from and with each other, about each other.